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  • Found poetry from anticancer

    Aristotle speaks of “entelechy” ————————-it starts with—————————————-the seedand comes to full fruition in————————————–the tree. Jung describes an “individuation,” ————————————-transforming the person ————–into ——————-different from all others, full of his or her —————-unique potential. The spiritual traditions encourage —————–awakeningdeveloping the sacred———————————-in the self. It is very important that we define our most authentic values and put…

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  • The children of Zeus

    The children burst in through the doorSlamming the gate against the wallThey roll into the small cracks and spread out across the floor My first husband hides beneathThe shaking wooden boardsWhere he has hidden since the day Zeus came I was a maiden then with the sun on my thighsMy long hair blindly reflected the…

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  • The Cattening

    The wisdom of old wives holds true Beware! Beware! The CatteningLilith will have hold of you Before you know it’s happening You cannot read in kitten’s eyes Whether she’s from hell or EdenAs vicious as the serpent was Lilith’s servants do her bidding It begins with good intentions Big, beautiful blue eyesThe most delicate of…

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