There be dragons

Drago stirred awake, air jetting from his nostrils like a steam-train. He blinked huge yellow eyes, vaguely aware of the bipedal creatures watching him. They seemed excited, running around, but they always did. Last time they were brown and holding sticks that bounced off his scales. This time they were varied colours of flesh, wrapped in strange outer skins. It mattered very little, they still smelled like fear. 
His tail slithered along the smooth floor, and he felt cold through his sensitive underbelly. He was no longer in his cave. His eye swivelled to a window nearby. He saw a black void speckled with stars and a blue and white rock in the distance. Space then, he thought lazily, the humans have progressed. 
He really should wake properly and call his people to connect them. That was his job after all, to wait all these years until they were a mature enough race. He yawned, and some of the creatures collapsed as his jagged maw stretched open. There was more running around, and shrill screaming. Any second now. He rolled over, ignoring the crunch of a human caught beneath his scales. Red lights began flashing and alarms sounding. His heavy lids slid shut against the glare, and he closed internal ear valves against the noise. Maybe just a few more decades, he thought, and fell back into a deep sleep.

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