Useful emerging writers resources

These are the books and resources on writing I've found most useful in the past two years, when my focus has been on establishing a writing practice and structuring methodology: Take off Your Pants by Libby Hawker Useful for structuring and character development This is probably the book I've found most useful for structure, so … Continue reading Useful emerging writers resources

Stories of Survival

I forgot to post about this anthology when it was published in August 2021. When this was published I was knee-deep in emergency communications for COVID-19. At that time words for me were all about persuasion - convincing people to wear masks, to contact register and to get vaccinated. It wasn't all about the language, … Continue reading Stories of Survival

What I’m learning about writing, April edition

Just finished Jeff Vaandermeer's 'Wonderbook'. It provided me with just the right inspiration to knuckle through some short stories in the past couple of months. I was going to try to summarise everything it taught me about writing, but the book hasn't been my only influence this month. I've also been doing Writer Victoria's 5 … Continue reading What I’m learning about writing, April edition