Writing a novel: Both marathon and relay race

This week I was delighted to hear that a flash piece of mine is being published on the patreon of Black Hare Press. It's been 9 months since my last publication. That's enough time to incubate a baby, but not quite enough time (in my case) to finish a first novel. Over the past 9 … Continue reading Writing a novel: Both marathon and relay race

reasons for a career break

Falling asleep at your desk. Crippling shoulder pain. The tendency to stare into the abyss, coffee cup sagging in hand. Spilling coffee on your keyboard. Getting a green tinge to your skin from fluorescent lighting. Uncontrollable weeping. Sleep-typing. Spilling tea on the kitchen floor. Mopping the tea up with disposable paper towels. Watching your breath … Continue reading reasons for a career break

Reading WS Merwin at work

Sinking in a spongeof soft murmursCircling circuitouswords of the deadMy grip slips loosefrom the coma of passionLeaving only an echobehind, ahead Notes: WS Merwin wrote several poems about feeling like time was running out, and having a sense of purpose that would remain unfulfilled in his lifetime. By 'coma' I mean the space around a … Continue reading Reading WS Merwin at work