Twice not shy, ‘Writing Naked’

I have a couple of flash fiction pieces published in the upcoming anthology 'Twice Not Shy' by local legends Night Parrot Press. My work in that anthology is different to a lot of things I've written before because it's not speculative - the stories are based strongly on life and my onw experience. They both … Continue reading Twice not shy, ‘Writing Naked’

What I’m learning about writing, April edition

Just finished Jeff Vaandermeer's 'Wonderbook'. It provided me with just the right inspiration to knuckle through some short stories in the past couple of months. I was going to try to summarise everything it taught me about writing, but the book hasn't been my only influence this month. I've also been doing Writer Victoria's 5 … Continue reading What I’m learning about writing, April edition

On villains and complex characters

JK Rowling hated a woman who used twee little bows in her hair, and she used that character trait in one of her villains. This got me thinking about what 'villainous' traits I know in real life and how I can borrow from them to create complex and interesting villains on the page. This is … Continue reading On villains and complex characters